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Social networking

Accomplish integrates the current and newest social networking tools into your website. That means you can maximise the benefits of social networking and Web 2.0 interaction with your website visitors. Customers increasingly expect to be able to interface with you via the tools they use the most, so by adding Twitter feeds and social bookmarks you can stay ahead of the game.

What you can accomplish

  • Include AddThis social book marking functionality to web pages
  • Embed video, including linking to YouTube content
  • Create Twitter and Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn and similar feeds
  • Integrate Skype call and Skype LIVE chat
  • Create blogs and Google Blogger feed
  • Use form builder to seek feedback.

How could social networking benefit your organisation

  • Communicate with your website visitors using their preferred channel
  • Use synergy with social networking sites to complement your marketing campaigns
  • Demonstrate to your website visitors that you keep abreast of latest trends
  • Learn about customer behaviour from social networking posts
  • Enable website visitors to communicate with you across many channels
  • Stay cutting-edge and contemporary in the eyes of your customers.

And now for the technical details

  • Social network features can be added using the WYSIWYG page editor
  • Externally hosted video, including YouTube, can be embedded
  • A personalised Fligz video player is available as an additional option
  • Other externally hosted content can be linked to specific pages using page editor
  • Survey functionality is available as an additional option
  • Google Blogger feed requires ongoing management to ping other websites.

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