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Secure performance

Accomplish uses the latest industry standard web development tools to ensure that your content is totally secure and entirely robust. Using Microsoft programming tools results in a high-performing stable environment, so your website won’t crash and lose data. All content is password protected so only you and your trusted in-house team can change your website. Advanced workflow management functionality allows content tracking and pre-publication approvals.

What you can accomplish

  • Set your own multi-tier security protocols
  • Control with passwords who controls your content management
  • Full version control allows roll-back to previous pages, identifying who in your organisation has made changes
  • Password protect selected pages, rendering them invisible to casual browsers
  • Store all your content, including media, on our secure mirrored servers
  • Upgrade to a dedicated server when your website becomes large and complex
  • A stable high performance environment that will not crash or lose data
  • Advanced workflow, allowing you to micromanage content creation and editing (if you choose to).

You take control

  • Multi-tier security protects your organisation from costly security breaches
  • Know exactly who made what changes and when, for full accountability
  • Reassurance for your customers that their data is totally safe
  • Benefit from our robust infrastructure, leading to maximum up-time
  • Minimise errors and increase internal accountability with advanced workflow
  • Save money and improve customer retention by minimising errors and downtime.

And now for the technical details

  • Managed hosting platform suitable for any level of website
  • Hosting environment includes a fully virtualised database and application servers
  • Highly resilient failover and clustered configurations when required
  • All services monitored and supported 24/7x365 with daily back-ups
  • Administrators have complete user-based security management for all features
  • Set read-only or read/write permissions across site or per page.

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