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Data capture forms

Accomplish enables you to create totally bespoke forms to capture any type of data from your website visitors, and to send them personalised emails or to custom website pages. The data can be configured to populate a database on our servers where we can integrate a data feed into your legacy systems, or even into simple CSV files for analysis using common applications, like Excel. You can also build your forms into modal popup pages, which can significantly improve conversion rates

What you can accomplish

  • Learn more about your site visitors
  • Capture important customer information and preferences
  • Design and create your own online forms to capture site visitor data
  • Create thank you pages or personalised emails using your own branding
  • Store data captured in an online database or export to your own legacy system
  • Export data for analysis in Business Intelligence (BI) software or Excel.

How this will benefit your organisation

  • Interact regularly with your site visitors to strengthen your relationship
  • Build a database of customer behaviour to help you ‘sell-up’
  • Analyse customer data to help refine your marketing and business planning
  • Use customer trends to identify new product and services opportunities
  • Export customer data for use in other applications, such as CRM software
  • Feed your sales team hot leads fresh from the website and impress customers with response times
  • Capture important transactional data about your customers.

And now for the technical details

  • Forms can be built with text boxes, drop-down menus, ‘radio buttons’ and much more
  • Form fields can be validated with custom error messages, increasing conversion rates
  • Thank you pages and emails can use the same design overlays as your website
  • Review, export or delete data or link via APIs to 3rd party software
  • MS SQL service is a best-in-class relational database management system
  • Customer data can be exported in CSV format for import into Excel
  • MS SQL service supports advanced reporting and Business Intelligence tools.

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