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Create an Ecommerce Website

Accomplish sells your product or service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so just because your office is shut, it doesn’t mean your business has to stop selling. Designed for online sales from one SKU [stock-keeping unit] to many thousand, our ecommerce solution will keep your shop open 24/7 and collect the cash.

What you can accomplish

  • Create a transactional website to sell one or many products and services
  • Design engaging product and services pages, limited only by your imagination
  • Build a PayPal subscription database
  • Include a PayPal one-click checkout on your website
  • Include your own PayPal shopping cart for multiple products or services
  • Integrate your ecommerce site with a customer database
  • Link your ecommerce sales and revenues with your accounting software.

How this will benefit your organisation

How this will benefit your organisation

  • An ecommerce site allows you to sell your product 24/7 x 365 days
  • Selling via your website allows your customers to shop when it suits them
  • Selling online can increase your markets from local to national and international
  • PayPal is a globally recognised and trusted secure online payment gateway
  • PayPal can offer a cost-effective alternative to banks and other merchant services providers
  • PayPal allows you to accept payment from any customer in any currency
  • Selling securely enables your customers to buy with total confidence
  • Including SSL reassures your customers about your online security.

And now for the technical details

  • You can use your existing PayPal account for integration into an ecommerce site
  • We can assist with creating a new PayPal account as an additional service
  • Integration with your legacy databases may require additional development time
  • You can link an existing credit card merchant account into your ecommerce site
  • Form builder can be used to create your sales forms, capturing customer data
  • SSL can be purchased as an additional service.

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