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Legacy system data integration

Don’t delay upgrading your web infrastructure because of concerns about compatibility with legacy systems and processes. Because we use industry standard web programming tools, Accomplish can integrate seamlessly with your existing IT infrastructure to ensure that your online presence is contemporary and includes all the features you want and your website visitors would expect.

What you can accomplish

  • Apply existing design and branding to your new website
  • Re-use existing text and media
  • Import, edit and manage existing text using a WYSIWYG text editor
  • Upload and edit existing media, such as images and video using Media Manager
  • Interface data collection forms with legacy databases using industry standards
  • Don’t reinvent the wheel; if it ain’t broke, you won’t be forced to try and fix it.

How this will benefit your organisation

  • Re-using existing design, branding and content saves you time and money
  • If existing tried and testing content works well, you can continue to use it
  • Cut costs by editing existing text and media to fit in with your new website
  • Cut costs by aligning your website with existing IT systems
  • Using industry standards, we can interface your website with existing databases
  • You will save time and money by not having to duplicate content creation.

And now for the technical details

  • Microsoft .NET framework provides industry leading tools for seamless integration
  • CSS editor allows users to edit and convert existing web pages for re-use
  • Design and branding in most common layouts can easily be overlaid onto our CMS
  • MS SQL Server allows seamless integration with most legacy databases
  • Media Manager can accept all common file formats
  • Ecommerce can be integrated with most accounting packages.

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