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Accomplish grows at your pace

Accomplish is uniquely scalable and will grow alongside the needs of your organisation. You might increase in size and need more authorised users, or you might increase the number of products or services you offer and want to increase the size of your website. Whatever growth strategy you want to accomplish, we can meet your needs.

What you can accomplish

  • Keep adding new pages, sections, media and other content to your site
  • You can create an almost infinite number of web pages
  • You can specify who in your organisation can access Accomplish and what they can do
  • Each authorised user can have a personalised permission profile
  • As your product or service range increases, so can your website
  • You can add new features to your website as web technology advances.

How this will benefit your organisation

  • Increase the product and service range, enabling you to keep customers informed
  • Adapt your website as it grows to meet the needs of different user groups
  • Add authorised users to ensure all the skills in your organisation are utilised
  • Set security and access levels for different users giving you control over changes
  • You can add new web pages and content without the expense of an external web agency
  • Maintain existing and attract new customers by using the latest web technologies.

And now for the technical details

  • Modular development allows new pages and features to be switched on/off as needed
  • Microsites and new content can be easily added to your core hosted website
  • Fair use provisions apply, and really large sites might incur extra costs
  • Multi-tier security allows control of user access and editing privileges
  • Future releases will include additional languages and sub-domains
  • Page control allows precise timing of publication to support marketing campaigns.

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